Cara walks our dogs regularly whilst my husband and I are at work. It gives us peace of mind to know that they are being cared for while we are not home. Cara is very professional, reliable and flexible to our needs. The dogs really love her and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who would want their pets to be cared for as they would be at home. WE really like the feedback sheets that she leaves after every walk it feels like she has thought of everything.

– Phillipa

Holmes Dog Walking started walking our “boys” a few weeks ago. Cara has been professional and organised. Most importantly she obviously loves her job, which the boys pick up on. I can’t speak highly enough of her. The boys have a very happy hour and always sleep like logs that night!
We also love our feedback sheet after each walk. The best compliment I can give Cara is that the dogs love to see her… and as any dog lover knows, that’s what you need most!

– Joanne Barnes

Since our first meeting with Cara we have been really impressed with the professional service that she provides. She has every angle covered and we feel 100% confident leaving our “baby” in her care. Having a large and sometimes boisterous dog it is important to us to know that Cara can handle her in any situation – of this i have no doubt. Cara takes Cody to different places each week, we love getting home to the feedback sheet to find out what they have been up to! Cara is reliable and flexible to fit in around our work hours and we have been so pleased with the service that she gives; I will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a dog walker! I love the walks that Cara takes me on;  sometimes other dogs come too! My Mum and Dad were a bit worried at first because im quite big and sometimes a bit naughty but Cara has everything under control. I love my time with her, she even leaves a note when we get home so that everyone knows how good ive been on my walk! She comes on different days and times to fit in with Mum and Dads changing work pattern, all of my doggie friends wish that Cara could walk them too! (Cody wanted to write one too – yes i think i am going mad!)

– Vicki Taylor

I have to say the service Cara provided was absolutely fantastic. We had to have our other rabbit, Blossom’s sister put down the day before our holiday. We were all devastated and really did not want to leave Blossom for a week and were all very concerned for her. Cara text us, sent us photos and really helped to reassure us that Blossom was coping and doing well on a daily basis, which obviously helped enormously. It’s those little things that Cara did that were extra special and meant a lot to us all that’s really demonstrates Cara’s passion and enthusiasm for her job. I will definitely recommend Cara and Holmes Dog Walking Services to anyone and everyone I meet. Absolutely brilliant and thank you!

– Sarah Bates

Cara has been walking our retired Greyhound, Dylan, for several months now and we couldn’t be happier with her services. She is incredibly professional and Dylan gets beyond excited when she arrives as he knows whats coming next! The feedback sheet is a great touch as we can see how he’s been and what he’s done, and her attention to details like feet wiping, checking water bowls, treat giving and informing us when she has left the house securely, give real peace of mind. For working dog owners it is imperative to have something in place for your dog in the middle of the day and Cara, with her flexibility, very reasonable prices and fabulous service, is a highly recommended choice. She came to meet Dylan prior to starting his walks and we had various forms to fill in which showed that she really had all bases covered. Although Dylan is incredibly outgoing with people, he can be a little worried by some dogs and after going over his little quirks with Cara, we have complete confidence that she will handle any situation. We really would recommend Holmes Dog Walking Services to anyone.

– Simon & Lisa

We recently needed to rethink care plans for our ‘boys’, kitties Charca and Asha whilst on holiday. Quirky Asha posed us with medical issues when in catteries due to being a very easily stressed out kitty! We only wish we had found out about Cara’s pet services earlier. Both Charca and Asha took to Cara straight away on her initial visit to discuss requirements, a lap cuddle on first meeting is unheard of by Charca so that was praise indeed and decision firmly made.Anyone hoping for a professional service with a lot of love to offer your pet too will not be disappointed. It was so nice to come home to two very happy kitties that were clearly very chilled by their whole experience with Cara, which in turn gives great peace of mind as a pet owner.

– Zoe & Craig


  1. A few weeks ago my sister’s Black Labrador, Charlie, came to stay with us for 2 weeks. On the days that I work I needed someone to walk Charlie around midday so that he wasn’t left on his own in the house for too long. I knew that Cara was dog walking so asked if she would walk Charlie 3 times each week. Cara provided a very friendly, efficent and caring service. She came round to the house to meet Charlie prior to walking him and filled out a few forms so she knew as much as possible about him. This made me feel confident that Cara cares about each dog she walks and treats them as individuals. After each walk Cara left a feedback sheet for me to let me know that Charlie had loved his walk and that she had given him his treat as I had requested. Cara is enthusiastic about dogs and it clearly shows that she is definitely a dog lover. When we next have Charlie come and stay, I will certainly ask Cara to walk him again. Cara helped Charlie to have a joyful and happy stay with us. I will recommend Holmes Dog Walking Service to all my friends/family who need a dog walker or any other pet care.

  2. Julie Stephens
    April 13, 2012 9:38 pm

    Cara walks our dog Bo every week and we are so pleased with her personal care and attention, it’s wonderful to come home to a tired doggy who is content and clearly had a fantastic walk. As a large, enthusiastic lab he’s not easy to tire out and it’s such a relief to know Cara comes, gives him a great walk, and then a very thoughtful text to let us know he’s happy. Thanks so much Cara, we have, and will continue to recommend you to all our doggy loving friends. J x

  3. We LOVE Cara!! She was recommended to us by a mutual friend when I mentioned our golden lab was not always getting out as much as he used to now mine and my husband’s jobs have altered. I was very reluctant at first to let someone else come and take him out, as Paddy is my 4-legged baby and I didn’t want just any-old-person walking him but Cara soon put me at ease and Paddy adores her! Paddy is safe and gets to have fun and meet new friends while he’s out with Cara and I really like reading the feedback sheet when I get in…it tells me what his wagging tail and smiley face can’t 🙂 I would (and have!) highly recommend Cara and Holmes Dog Walking Service to anyone in need of an extra bit of help with their pets. Very reasonable prices, great affection for Paddy and his needs, great advice and just a fabulous all-round service

  4. Cara has just started walking our retired greyhounds Brin and Wisp for us as we do not want them to miss out on attention while me and my husband are at work. Wisp is very shy around strangers but took to Cara straight away. When we get home, both of them are very content and relaxed – which is a great weight off our minds as Wisp particularly can get stressed easily. They both enjoy seeing their new best friend and get very excited when she visits! Cara is very flexible as we need her help different days each week and we really look forward to reading the report on what they have been doing each day. We would definately recommend Cara to other doggy people.

  5. Cara walked Rosie our border collie, from being a 12 week old adventurous puppy needing socialisation, puppy play and exercise to becoming a teenager/young adult.
    When looking for a dog walker we wanted someone who knows dogs and has the enthusiasm and enjoyment about dogs as we do, we also wanted someone responsible, reliable and trustworthy, Cara knows dogs and is all of those things. Cara also helped support and consolidate Rosie’s training, particularly in those early and important months by working with us using and following our given training commands when taking Rosie out, not letting Rosie off lead until we were all confident of a good recall return and taking Rosie out with other dogs for play and running when Rosie was ready, it worked very well for all of us. It is very important when training any dog to have consistency and Cara provided an extension of this for us. Rosie is a happy, very well adjusted and socialised dog. Rosie loves Cara and loves running and playing with other dogs.
    We would thoroughly recommend Cara’s dog walking services.
    (May 2012 – October 2013)

  6. Cara walks our 3 dogs regularly when my husband and I are both working. I work from home so can hear when she arrives……….the dogs adore her. Cara is lovely with them and doesn’t rush the walk or leave before they are settled. She also texts to confirm the booking and gives updates after the walks. One of my dogs can be a handful but Cara takes it in her stride. We had used another dog walking service who let us down twice so were a bit reticent when we booked Cara but she is excellent and goes out of her way to ensure the dogs are walked as agreed. I would thoroughly recommend Cara – as would Wesley, Tilly and Mischa if they could write!!!!

  7. Cara has been so accommodating and helpful she has walked Brodie since he was 4 months old and he just loves her. Cara takes Brodie out twice a week and over the months has trained him to come back to the whistle, his recall now is fantastic and he is totally socialised. I could not have coped without Cara due to illness in the family she has really helped me out enormously. I know I can call on her anytime she is very reliable and accommodating, and loves what she does. I have known Cara for a year now and would class Cara as a friend I can always rely on.

  8. Cara was recommended to us by Cody (see post) when juggling walks and work became tricky. It’s the best ‘tip’ we have ever had, as Cara gives us confidence that Tyler has had his walk when traffic delays wreak havoc. Tyler loves Cara and greets her enthusiastically when she calls to collect him and has been observed ‘dragging his heels’ on the way home!
    Besides the obvious benefit to Tyler, Cara always let’s us know how the walk went and that the house is secure afterwards.
    I like to think that not only has Tyler got a friend, but we have too.
    Thanks Cara x

  9. Cara walks my two babies three times a week, I will say that she’s an absolute god send! She is extremely good with them and they ADORE her. I was at a loss, as I work full time and my mum is disabled, so when I called Cara, she was very busy, but she did her best to fit them in (my mum also likes her brief company when she calls to pick them up:) I’d recommend Holmes dog walking to anyone that needs this service.

  10. Cara walks my two dogs three times a week and has been for nearly two years.She is absolutely great and the dogs love seeing her and her dog. She is very professional and leave me notes to let me know she been and how the dogs have been daily. She also drops me a text if she is running late or has any concerns around the dogs and to let me know my house is secure. I would highly recommend Cara to anyone looking for a dog walker.

  11. Cara walks my dogs 3 times a week & provides an amazing service. I always receive a note & also a text message to let me know what they have been upto.
    Cara is a lovely person & extremely trustworthy. A few times short notice I have had to ask Cara if she could squeeze me in on a day not scheduled & she has done her upmost to help out. It’s really appreciated.
    Not only does she walk my dogs but she also brings my bin in. Small thing but it still makes me smile.
    I always highly recommend Holmes dog walking to anyone who is looking for a dog walking service.
    Thank you so much Cara xx

  12. Cara walks my Lab cross cocker spaniel (Tessa) who is very energetic. Tessa loves running and swimming with Cara’s dogs. I come home after work to find that Tessa has been tired out and has enjoyed herself.
    Cara is very professional and trustworthy and I would recommend her to anyone. She always leaves a note and texts me when Tessa is home safe. I can pick up the phone and call Cara at short notice and she goes out of her way to fit me in.
    Anyone looking for a dog walking service look no further.

    Thank you Cara.

  13. Louise Stronach
    April 22, 2015 10:22 pm

    Cara came into our lives after her praises were so highly sung by my sister who regularly used Cara’s services to have her young and incredibly boisterous dog walked. As my beloved Westie, Hamish, is now 16 years young and regrettably, due to poor eyesight and arthritis, his hiking days are far behind him I was very concerned that neither a group walk nor even a solo amble could be realistically managed.
    Whatever was I worrying about ! Cara agreed to call on a lunchtime whilst I am at work and sit and cuddle and fuss my baby whilst he has a roam around the garden, a tiddle and (most importantly) a treat! Cara is a consummate professional, efficient, effortlessly organised and so very very caring.
    A note left in the kitchen will tell me what quirky behaviour Hamish has amused her with that day and what he has been up to. An instinctive understanding of the needs of an older dog with numerous ailments (and a neurotic owner!) means that she most thoughtfully brings to my attention any unusual behaviour or concerns via a short text.
    Cara Holmes is wonderful! I am so glad I found her and so thankful that my most wonderful dog has the very best care that I could have found for him……..and which he so rightfully deserves in his twilight years. Thank you Cara xxx

  14. Kate and Claire
    April 23, 2015 9:25 pm

    Cara has walked our boys Kai and Bayley for the last 3 years and we couldn’t be without her. We’re occasionally at home when Cara comes to collect the boys and the waggy tails and singing (from Kai) tell us how much they love going for their walks with her. They get to socialise with other dogs which is really great for them and we love hearing about who they’ve met and played with in Cara’s notes and texts. It gives us great peace of mind to know that our lovely pups are being so well looked after and get out for such a fun walk when we have to leave them during the day. We couldn’t have found a better dog walker!! Thanks Cara 🙂 

  15. Gail & James Goulding
    May 13, 2015 3:17 pm

    I would like to echo all the comments above, Cara is an absolute STAR! She has been walking Olly and Betty for the past 3 years and they absolutely love her.

    Cara is flexible to our needs, if we need extra walks she will do her best to fit them in. Professional and her dog record sheets she leaves after each walk are a delight to read.

    We could recommend Cara’s Walking service to anyone with absolute faith that she is the best at what she does.

    Thank you Cara for the past 3 years, you really have helped us.


    Gail & James

  16. Chris & Pamela Raines
    June 28, 2015 4:11 pm

    We have four cats of which two have health problems, we were going on holiday for two weeks and due to or cats health problems did not want to put them into a cattery as this would have been too stressful for both them and us.
    We therefore started to look for someone who could look after our cats in our home and Cara was recommended to us through our vet.
    Cara looked after our four cats for two weeks, giving them love and affection, we have never seen them so content after we returned from holiday. Cara was fantastic administrating medication and ensuring our babies had all the attention they required, Cara also did a great job looking after our home.
    Having Cara look after our babies at home gave us piece of mind on our holiday and will defiantly be using Cara in the future. A lovely lady who is a true animal lover.
    Chris & Pamela Raines

  17. Linda & Joanne Walker
    November 3, 2015 4:58 pm

    Cara is an ace dog walker. We have used her for a couple of years to walk Heidi & Mitzi 2 spoilt LLasa Apso and they have enjoyed the walks every time. A couple of weeks ago we lost Heidi and with Joanne working a long number of days away from home and I am unable to walk her now due to age and ill health Mitzi was not getting walked and since her sister died she was getting rather depressed, a phone call to Cara and she is a happy dog again due to her being walked wiith her own dogs, she gets off the lead to play and run around WHAT A CHANGE so its a regular booking 2 days a week.


  18. Since getting my puppy my workload increased and personal circumstances changed, leaving me struggling to cope with managing time to look after him with walks through the day.

    Whilst walking at Brayton Barff I got talking to Cara who was walking her own dogs, and gave advice on calming my puppy as he pulled on his lead and became excitable at the sight of other dogs. She walked around and let her dogs play with mine. I was given a business card as she later informed me of her business as a dog-walker.

    After choosing to try this, Cara came to my home to meet my dog 1-2-1, whilst also talking me through her processes and what she would do. To accompany this Cara gave me quality paperwork to read through as well as documents to sign. This included proof of an in-date DBS. She also took note of call signs and words used so that my dog would respond to her.

    After each walk I receive a text to confirm what my dog has done, where he has been and that the house is secure. This has in the past also included observations such as ‘you left your light on, would you like it turning off’ and ‘topped dogs water up’. On arrival at home I find a letter daily about where my dog has been, which dogs he has been with and what he has been upto. Accompanying this, I also get emails with pictures and emails of his walks including his recall, sitting for treats and playing in woodland and fields with other dogs. When max returns home he has a drink and falls asleep, which is great being a lean dog and needing plenty of exercise. At half term, she even asks out of courtesy if I mind if she brings her son along on the walks!

    Whilst in Cara’s care my dog has improved on his mannerisms and recall, to the extent I trust her to walk my dog off-lead too. For an over-protective dog owner, I find this to be excellent progression of his skill-set and maturity.

    Cara is entrusted with a key and I have complete confidence in her locking my house and treating it with the respect I would expect.

    I believe the price compared to service is excellent and I have recommended Cara to friends who are looking for dog walkers. I would highly recommend her and her business Holmes Dog walking to anyone needing a dog walker in the Selby Area.

    Dan, Selby.

  19. Such a friendly and helpful dog walker.
    Since getting Titan the rescue dog, Cara has helped with keeping him fit and healthy. Her knowledge is second to non and always has good feedback to give when the pooch is dropped of.
    Wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Very trust worthy and reliable.
    I have no idea how she has the energy to do it day in day out!!
    As a disabled person she has given support when needed regarding the pooch, which has really taken the pressure off me. An absolute star!!

  20. Have only been using the service for a few weeks but so happy with the service. I have 3 dogs 2 older and a puppy, prior to the walks Cara and Victoria came to meet the dogs ask about the needs of each dog. I can honestly say from the first meeting my husband and I felt confident about leaving the dogs in their care. On occasion I have asked for a little more such as later walks and the dogs to be fed and it’s never an issue. The dogs love going out and if I’m in when they come topics up for walks you can see the dogs perk up. I love the feedback sheets it’s nice to know how the dogs and especially the little one are progressing. Would recommend this service to anyone – piece of mind, good quality service can’t ask for more.

  21. Can has been walking Tyler for 3 years now and I thought I wouldn’t trust our boy with anyone else but delighted that now Victoria and Cara are working together, it brings even more flexibility and Tyler loves them both. Needless to say, happy dog = happy us. Thanks so much girls for accommodating our last min requests and for such a fantastic service xx

  22. Cara has been walking our dalmatian for 6 months now! And you can tell he absolutely loves it! Whenever he’s been out with her he comes home pooped! Both Cara & Victoria are both incredibly flexible and always endeavour to fit our pup in when there is a last minute change! We get an update via text when he’s back home and also a written note left. Cara often sends pictures too of our pup playing with his friends and its clear he’s having a whale of a time! I don’t doubt for a second that Cara loves her job and adores the dogs in her care. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending her to friends and family.

    Thank you for all of your help C!


  23. Cara and Victoria have been walking my two cockers for several weeks, they’re both professional friendly and reliable, my dogs love going for walks with them.I would highly recommend holmes dog walking. Thank you Cara and Victoria.

  24. Victoria has been walking my two dogs for a few months. Victoria is extremely professional, very thoughtful and reliable. My two dogs adore both of them and are always so happy when Victoria comes to see them , Even though one of them is challenging. I really appreciate the daily notes and text messages advising how the dogs have been, when they have been walked and where. I cant recommend Holmes dog walking highly enough, I would be lost with Victoria and Cara.

  25. Victoria has been walking my springer spaniel Harley for a while now and he loves her walks. Before she started walking Harley he had no recall, with her help and her walks he now has a very good recall. I would recommend Victoria to anyone, I think she is brilliant and I love the daily notes I get left and the text messages to say Harley is home. Harley adores Victoria. Thank you so much Victoria and Cara x

  26. Jo and Chris Olie
    August 19, 2016 10:42 am

    We discovered Holmes Dog Walking after my husband had been unwell and couldn’t walk our 13 year old Labrador when I was at work. Cara and Vic came out to meet us at very short notice and put us at ease straight away. They are both fantastic with our anxious old girl who initially didn’t want to go out with new people. They were so patient and calm with her even our neighbours commented on how loving they both were with her, lifting her in and out the van and even down the stairs when needed! She is now much more confident and outgoing socialising with other dogs when I take her out. We regularly get lovely texts, pictures and videos of her running around like a puppy on her walks with Cara and Vic. Our dog even got a get well card when she was poorly. They have been so flexible and reliable with my shift work and even stepped in at the last minute when I’ve been called in to work. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I don’t know how we’d have managed without them. Thank you so much Cara and Vic x

  27. Coco and Tye are two incredibly large, outgoing and above all friendly dogs who for the past 3 months have had the time of their lives 3 times a week with Cara and Victoria. Coco is in the best condition of her life and Tye has learnt to swim (I couldn’t even get him to put his pampered toe out in the back garden when there was a drop of rain before!)

    They are flexible and friendly putting my mind at rest that when I’m at work my dogs are having the best time ever. I especially like the little videos and daily updates on their outings.

    I cannot begin to recommend them highly enough and if my two could talk they would too!

  28. Would just like to thank Cara and Viktoria for there brilliant service, thanks for being so flexible friendly and caring. Charlie and Freddie will really miss them and I know my wife will miss her walk with Viktoria which really helped her recovery, once again many thanks for all your help and will highly recommend you to anyone in the future.xx

  29. Cara and Vicky have been walking my dog Max for nearly a year now and i couldn’t be more happier with the service that they give. They are totally committed to their work and they are absolutely brilliant with max. They treat every dog the same. They are very reliable and fit max in at last minute without any hesitation. I know i can go to work knowing that he is in safe hands and trust them with the keys to my home

  30. Cannot recommend Cara and Victoria enough. They provide an amazing service. They have been walking my puppy for about 7 months and have provided so much support and advice. Any concerns and worries I have are all alleviated after a chat with Cara. Patch adores them both and I really appreciate the notes that are left letting me know what he’s been up to. Victoria has helped with his recall and as a result I feel more confident in letting him go off the lead. Highly, highly recommend them

  31. Cara walks my two best friends, Fluke and Dottie. I work full time and have to do twelve hour shifts, so it’s a great comfort to me to know that they are getting a good walk and are not stuck in the house all day.
    I love getting the feedback every time they’ve been out , what they’ve done and who they’ve been playing with. I especially love getting a photo or video, seeing them both so happy and having so much fun! When I get the photos at work, it makes my day!
    I was showing my son one of the videos, and they both went nuts because they could hear Cara’s voice, running around looking for her at the door and out of the window!
    Cara is very flexible and doesn’t mind if I have to ask her for a change or cancellation in our schedule. I feel confident in her and her ability to care for my pups, and feel she is happy to go the extra mile. I can’t explain just how much of a comfort it is to me to know that they are being so well looked after, it means I can concentrate on my work.
    When Cara is unavailable, Victoria has also walked Fluke and Dottie from time to time, and I know she does just as good a job.
    I’m so happy I found them on the website when I was looking for a dog walker, and feel I have made the best choice. I can tell from my meeting with them and the messages and feedback I get, that they both love dogs and love their work.

  32. Cara and Vikki have been walking Izzy (Springer Spaniel) for months and I can honestly say… I love them as much as Izzy does! They are the most accommodating walkers anywhere around here and I wouldn’t trust Izzy with anyone else!
    Izzy adores them both and it’s clear to see this as when we see them , or my Father in Law does, whilst out on our own walk, Izzy goes quite literally insane with excitement! Their passion and dedication to making dogs happy is beyond amazing and they leave notes after every walk so when I get home from work, I feel a part of Izzy’s day.
    Recently I met a lovely lady on a walk with her Partner and black lab and whilst chatting, I called Izzy back to me only for the lady to get super excited and asked if it was ‘the izzy’ walked by the ladies. As it turned out, our dogs were walking buddies so we spent the next 20mins talking about how amazing Cara and Vikki are.
    Long story short – I cannot recommend Holmes Dog Walking enough! You’d be daft to use anyone else!

  33. Cara and Vic have been walking our Jack Russell Milo for a few months now. Both myself and my girlfriend work full time and often have to work away with unpredictable work schedules. The service we have received has been fantastic! They cater to our work schedules, send updates after walks and most importantly really care and look after Milo. I would have no hesitation recommending Holmes dog walking; they are professional, friendly and really go above and beyond to ensure that our dog is looked after (in fact i think the dog likes them more than us now 🙂 )

  34. Deborah Franks
    May 17, 2017 6:08 pm

    What a fantastic service Cara & Hannah provide .
    Hannah walked Our Dog each day always a big smile on her face even when she had to get Frankie out of the canal .
    The service was so good .
    Frankie loved Hannah and Cara and it’s obvious to see
    There both pet lovers.
    Deborah & Anthony

  35. Chris Haywood
    May 26, 2017 1:24 pm

    What a fantastic service both Cara and Vicki have provided.I have two dogs and both were very happy to see them and were shattered after their walk. Never let me down regardless of weather in fact sometimes gave additional walks at short notice.Would definitely recommend and wish them all the success they deserve once again thank you, and Will definately use again if our circumstances change again.

  36. Cara walks Molly 4 times a week. She absolutely loves this special
    Time to “get out”. My Mum is disabled so can’t take out herself.
    The routine is great for Molly because she comes home happy and content.
    Then is happy to be with my Mum. Today Cara really went that extra mile.
    My Mum wanted Molly at my Dads funeral, but my sisters couldn’t see how
    We could sort it. So Cara bought Molly for us and sat in church with her.
    Everyone was happy. Thank you so much Cara.

  37. I am so incredibly impressed with Holmes Dog Walking for the service they provide – An absolute diamond find!

    Cara has been walking my dog Rolo for almost a year now, every afternoon Monday-Thursday due to work commitments and it was the best decision I ever made. Without fail come rain, shine, snow or hail, i don’t recall Rolo missing a single days walk.

    My dog absolutely adores her, listens for her coming, even knows her by name.. loves his walks and gets to meet other dogs every single day. This in particular helped with ‘my own’ social anxiety knowing my dog is capable of interacting with other dogs whilst off the lead and it really has given me peace of mind.

    The service is completely reliable and professional and I feel totally relaxed knowing my house keys are in safe hands.. There are also lovely notes left in the kitchen daily updating me of the days adventures, a text which follows confirmation of safe arrival home and also frequent pictures which are so lovely to receive whilst stuck in the office.. not to mention some need to be framed!

    Honestly Cara and team, from the bottom of my heart.. i thank you for all you do, I could not recommend your services more!

    (Lexi&Rolo, Selby) xx

  38. Hannah Priestley
    August 2, 2017 10:32 am

    I can’t recommend Holmes dog walking enough. I want to thank Victoria and Cara from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of Frankie, our springer spaniel on her walks with them. Victoria, as Frankie’s regular dog walker, is so accommodating and it is so reassuring that Frankie is out enjoying a fantastic walk with someone so caring, loving and passionate about their job/about the dogs in her care. We have a very busy working life and Victoria and Cara have often come to our rescue at short notice. Victoria often sends me videos of Frankie’s outings with her fellow furry friends, which is so lovely to see and makes my day when I am stuck at work away from her. I also love the little thoughtful touches such as the text message reassuring you that Frankie is back home and the house is secure, along with the little notes to update you on how her walk has been. Thank you so much to both Cara and Victoria for all that you do for Frankie. Absolutely amazing people and amazing service.

  39. The Parker family highly recommend Holmes dog walking service.Cara and Hannah have been visiting Ponte since we first brought him home, being a tiny puppy. It was so reassuring going to work knowing that they would visit him several times throughout the day.
    Cara and Hannah are so accomadating, professional and caring. Ponte loves going on walks with them and it has helped greatly with socialising Ponte with other dogs. We love reading their notes about Pontes visits and it brightens my day when I receive picture texts and videos!
    It’s great to know our special pup is in such good hands and we can not thank them enough for their care.

  40. Stacey Watson
    July 9, 2020 4:25 pm

    Cara, Hannah and Vic are all amazing with our dog Ruben; who is treated like one of their family! They are 100% reliable, go over and above and care so much about each and every dog they walk. During the recent times with Coronavirus they implemented key changes without a hitch and put themselves out for my family to make sure Ruben was looked after. We would recommend Holmes Dog Walking miles above any other we have ever used and will be introducing our new puppy to them soon! Thank you for everything Cara; you and Hannah have become good friends to us and we really do value all that you do!

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