Cat care unavailable at present.

Some cats just don’t like change. If a stay in a cattery doesn’t appeal to your cat, you could consider my home visit solution.

  • We will visit your cat(s) in the morning and evening and stay for play and cuddles for 30 minutes or an hour.
  • Of course, we will ensure that the correct food and water are given according to your instructions and in clean bowls.
  • Litter trays will be cleaned out and refilled as necessary.
  • We take the greatest care to meet the individual needs of each cat in our care and to maintain established routines.


Small animal care unavailable at present.

Whether you are away for just one day or many, we can visit your furry friends and keep them well and happy.

If it has paws (or small hooves!), chances are we will be able to offer the TLC you need: we clean out cages, give lots of cuddles and take care of feeding and watering.


Puppy play unavailable at present

Puppies need lots of love and attention, so we offer a 30mins/1-hour pop-in-and-play service to reassure your pup, contribute to his/her socialisation and enrich his/her experience.

We have extensive experience with dogs and will care for yours with the same passion as we feel for ours.


If you would like your bins/milk taken in, lights switched on, post put away and curtains opened/closed when we visit, that’s no problem.

You can leave emergency numbers with me and we can even text to let you know that all is well.

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