Frodo & Titan πŸ’™

July 15, 2020 − by cara − in Blog − No Comments

These guys are the best of friends, we’ve walked them both for a few years.. Titan, the longest (I’ve just checked 5 years!😱)

Both are rescue’s from different households, Over the 5 years that we’ve walked Titan, he has lost the majority of his eyesight, today Frodo hasn’t really left Titan’s side πŸ’œ
Titan loves all of his walks with us, but loves it even more when we bring his friends along.. he has many 😍

At Holmes Dog Walking we really do try to give your dogs the walks that they enjoy!
That’s not always charging around – sometimes it’s company with certain friends having lots of sniffs along the way πŸΆπŸΆπŸ’™
They get so excited, Titan knows when Frodo is in his crate in the van! It’s just toooooooooo cute!!


Image used with permission of owners 🐢

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