Liver Cake…

May 13, 2012 − by cara − in Blog − 1 Comments

Making the Liver cake was really easy and boy did all the guys love it. Humphrey was the first one to try it, Humphrey very nearly asked for more with his eyes, Cassie and Walter loved it too.

The Liver cake has helped with Humphrey’s recall, I only have to use the whistle once when I have cake. Humphrey comes bounding back to me like magic!

I walk Humphrey with two of his friends a couple of times per week. Ralph and George are also Italian Spinoni and they are used to having Liver cake as a treat. It was their Mum, Joanne that gave me the recipe, I guess I passed the test because they sat really nicely while I gave them more.

They even sat still enough for me to take the photograph which is attached to this weeks blog. Ralph is to the left, George is in the middle and Humphrey is at the end. Humphrey and I really enjoy our walks, but I know that this is one of Humphrey’s Favourite :0)

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  1. I do love reading your blogs Cara and listening to your stories, it’s lovely to see somebody so passionate about what they do 🙂

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