Spring is here….

April 17, 2012 − by cara − in Blog, Dog Walking − 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

I have had a wonderful 5 months in my new business, wow, it has been amazing. I have met so many lovely customers (four legs and two)

Even the April showers haven’t stopped me smiling, I cant even begin to imagine how great dog walking full time will be in the summer.

I am really looking forward to Sunday where I will be attending a Canine first aid course, hopefully I will never need to use the things I will learn. But it will be super to have the knowledge.
I will let you all know how it goes.

We also have a new addition to our canine family, our new puppy is called Walter. Walt is Humphrey’s brother and they get on like a house on fire. It’s fun having 3 dogs in the house, my son who is 5 loves it too.
Walt is coming up to 5 months and already adores meeting new people and dogs. Walts favourite thing is to go to the Barff for a mini walk. There he gets to socialise with all different kinds of dogs and finds new experiences.



  1. I think this is great that you are so enthusiastic about your work – what a pleasure it is to hear!
    and great blog post!

  2. Glad you’re thoroughly enjoying your job Cara. It must be great to get all that fresh air each day. I’ll be so envious of you in summer when I’m stuck in the office. Hope you enjoy your first aid course!

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