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I am crazy about dogs! and want your dog to be safe and have a great time with me: single or group walks are planned around your dog’s needs. I will alter pace and distance to ensure an appropriate and enjoyable walk.

Walks can be on a regular, one-off or semi-regular basis, and there is no need to book in months ahead. We walk in a variety of locations to ensure that your dog is having fun and receiving stimulation as well as exercise and socialisation.

A feedback sheet is completed after every walk (Where was the walk today? Did your dog have fun? Meet friends? Seem happy and content?). At the end of a visit I will also text to let you know that your dog is safe and happy and your home secure.

After muddy walks, I clean muddy paws. Very dirty dogs get a more thorough clean so that your home stays spick and span.


Throughout my childhood, dogs were around, and I’ve had at least one dog by my side throughout my adult life. My logo features Cassie (a 12 year-old German short-haired pointer, rescued 9 years ago) and Humphrey (a 1 year-old Italian spinone). They are wonderful and I adore them. I must also mention Isobel and Agnes, my beautiful lop rabbits, or they will be terribly jealous!


The dogs we walk are required to be up to date with their vaccination schedules. They must also be on an appropriate programme for fleaing and worming. Each dog in our care will need to wear a suitable collar with tag, giving accurate contact details.

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