July 24, 2020 by cara in Blog

Ruben, Bailey & Bessie 🧑

Ruben- Labrador, Bessie & Bailey the chocolate Spaniel just love to run & play together. Bessie & Bailey live together, they both just adore Ruben! All 3 of them have awesome recall, (off lead by owners permission) I always feel super proud if we see anyone, they all come back

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July 15, 2020 by cara in Blog

Frodo & Titan πŸ’™

These guys are the best of friends, we’ve walked them both for a few years.. Titan, the longest (I’ve just checked 5 years!😱) Both are rescue’s from different households, Over the 5 years that we’ve walked Titan, he has lost the majority of his eyesight, today Frodo hasn’t really left

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July 12, 2020 by cara in Blog

Frodo the school therapy dog ❀️

This little chap never fails to make us smile 😊 Frodo was rescued from Cyprus by his lovely owner. Frodo goes to school with his Mum and helps the children! On his days off from school he comes with Holmes Dog Walking on adventures with his friends 😍 Absolutely love

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July 11, 2020 by cara in Blog

When Hugo Pointer met Bert & Wincey Pointers…it was fun!

Bert & Wincey live together, these guys are so much fun to walk… this week they met my Pointer Hugo…They have so much energy and the ability to run like race horses, I took them to a quiet place with lots of space to charge around…I don’t know who enjoyed

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